Start Here

Enter through the door with the smiley frog face on it

Check in at the front desk with one of our dental concierges

Play video games or watch a movie while you wait for your appointment

Have fun playing on our train table while mom and dad finish up any last-minute paperwork

Meet new friends and take a tour of our great dental facility

Notice all the kid-friendly sights, sounds, and smells in this place

Choose a yummy flavor of toothpaste –

we have ice cream flavors, fruity flavors, minty fresh ones, and bubble gum!

Pick out a new, colorful, just-your-size toothbrush

Get whipped cream (fluoride bubbles) on your face (no, really… just in your mouth!)

Play with the slurpee straw and the squirt gun, while we polish up your pearly whites

You have earned some cool stickers! Make your selection at our awesome sticker station

Get your picture taken and show off your healthy mouth

Help us count’em up to find out how many teeth you have

Pick out a great prize, like a balloon, a bouncy ball, a necklace, or a super fun sticky hand


Don’t forget to schedule your next check-up with the pediatric dentists at DFC! We know you can’t wait to do it all again in six months!