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Tips for Healthy Teeth | Dentistry for Children & Teens | Littleton, Colorado

Kids should brush their teeth every morning and every night, starting as soon as the first tooth comes in.

Grown-ups should help kids to brush their teeth until they are really good at writing their name, which demonstrates proper dexterity.

Even then, it’s important to remind kids to brush (and to make sure they do it well) to help children and adolescents develop great routines.

When it comes to getting teeth clean, strong, and healthy, we recommend that kids (and even toddlers) use fluoride toothpaste.

But make sure you tailor the amount of toothpaste to your little tot. Until they can spit well, you should limit the amount of toothpaste on their toothbrush to just a smear—like butter on toast.

A child should start flossing once all teeth have erupted and they are willing to cooperate. This usually happens around age three or four.

To make things a bit easier, we recommend using flossing tools, like floss holders. These terrific little tools make flossing a breeze, and provide grown-ups and kids with easy access to any food or plaque hiding in between teeth. We recommend flossing each night before bedtime.

Once a child can swish and spit well, it’s time to integrate fluoride mouthwash into his or her oral care routine.

Fluoride mouthwash can help with cavity prevention and promotes a fresh mouth.

When the time comes to chow down, our pediatric dentists recommend you choose healthy foods for your little one, as they play a very important role in maintaining a healthy body and a healthy smile.

As often as possible, try to choose foods from the earth, rather than foods from a box. Basically, the less processed a food, the less likely it is to contribute to the cavity process.

When kids are thirsty, you should give them water!

Our doctors recommend that parents and caretakers offer white milk with meals, and that water be your go-to any time in between. Try to limit juice, soda, and sports drinks to only special occasions. These kinds of sugary beverages can be harmful to teeth!

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Healthy Mouths Make Happy Kids | Dentistry for Children & Teens | Littleton, Colorado
Healthy mouths make for happy kids!

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