Even though you’re growing up, you should not stop having fun!

At Dentistry for Children & Teens, teenagers and young adults graduate up to our purposefully designed more mature and private area of clinic.  But, don’t let that make you think that the good times are over. In true DFC&T flair, we have constructed the perfect environment balancing style, swagger, excellent dental care, sweet music, love, and FUN!   

child buried in sand

Dental Services

Our teen dental services are tailored specifically to the advancing needs of teens and include:

Focusing on the specific needs of teenage and young adult patients, our dedicated dental team offers supportive guidance in cavity prevention and ideal gum health, providing personalized discussions around good and bad habits as well as assistance with product selection based on needs and goals.

Often teens need ultrasonic and other advanced cleaning procedures focused on bacteria and stain elimination to achieve maximum health and wellness.  We do that, while still offering the delicious flavor choices you have grown to love!

Our docs are highly skilled in the most artistically beautiful cosmetic techniques including all-white fillings, bonding, and smile recontouring.  We also offer bleaching and other similar procedures such as micro abrasion and ICON to achieve your dream smile.

During orthodontic treatments, new hyenine challenges present.  We are here to offer support all along the way.  From increased frequency cleaning appointments and fluoride applications to recommending special dental products and aids for home care, we’ve got you covered.

During the teen years, we will be diligent in monitoring the development of wisdom teeth.  In some cases, wisdom teeth can erupt and function.  In others, impaction or other difficulties may occur.  Either way, we will let you know what to expect and help you determine a course of action that will eliminate any potential problems.

Our gentle soft tissue laser comes in handy for treating pesky orthodontic related ulcers and wisdom tooth related gum irritations.  It can also work magic to cosmetically recontour gum tissue or whisk away an aberrant frenum.

teen at Dentistry for Children & Teens

All of this and still gentle, kind, and so much fun.

Oh, and at Dentistry for Children & Teens, you will enjoy a post treatment primping station and, yes, we still have prizes – SLAY!