Because every child deserves to smile, we proudly offer special care dentistry

Our board-certified doctors are experienced in and committed to providing care for kids with medical, dental, emotional, and sensory complexities.

It all starts with careful listening and planning. Attention is placed on personalized goal setting with a top priority on patient comfort and safety. It is important to define and then mitigate risks for dental disease as well as identify any need for treatment. This is a process that will often take time and special attention.  We are here to ensure that each individual receives an adapted care plan accounting for special needs, ultimately allowing for the best, most abundantly kind dental care possible.

We offer adapted physical and sensory environments as well as laughing gas and general anesthesia right here in the comfort of our dental office.  Additionally, our board-certified doctors practice at Children’s Hospital Colorado and Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children to allow for care in the hospital setting, including collaborative care plans with other medical and dental specialists.

Here at Dentistry for Children & Teens, we work together with families and their support networks to develop strategies for success!

happy boy at Dentistry for Children & Teens

We don’t think in terms of limitations, we think in terms of possibilities.

Finding the right dental home makes all the
difference in
finding your smile!