There are no monsters under this bed!

Put your little one at ease with sleep dentistry treatments from DFC.

When TLC just isn’t enough, we offer safe alternatives that make going to the dentist and undergoing procedures as nice ‘n easy as naptime.
Thanks to our expert medical and dental anesthesiologists, we here at Dentistry for Children & Teens are able to offer safe, comfortable treatments performed under sedation and general anesthesia. Our sleep dentistry services make it so your kiddo doesn’t have to be scared of coming to the dentist, and she is totally at-ease, anxiety-free, and able to access the dental treatments she needs in the comfiest, smoothest way possible.
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Offering comfort and convenience

We’re here to help you choose the treatment approach that’s most comfortable and convenient for your child and your family. We know every kid has specific needs, be them dental or emotional, so our family-focused pediatric dentists will always keep you in the loop, inform you about the best, safest options available for your child’s dental treatment, and help you to choose the sleep dentistry treatment that’s best for him or her.

So, if snoozing through it suits your fancy, we can do that!

Learn More about Sleep Dentistry

Sleep Dentistry Right Here at DFC

We offer various sleep dentistry services right here at our Littleton, CO dental office!

Sleep Dentistry at Children’s Hospital

Sometimes, when undergoing anesthesia or sleep dentistry services, it’s safest to be in a hospital setting. In these cases, we provide our expert care at the Children’s Hospital.

The 411 on Sleep Dentistry

We all worry! And for some of us, our worries are about having to go to the dentist or getting dental treatments done.

For very young children, as well as those with heightened anxiety, sleep dentistry is a safe, comfortable treatment option that caters to their specific needs.

Children with special needs or those who are already undergoing a surgery for another treatment, like ear tubes or tonsils, can also get their dental needs taken care of while safely asleep.

Dentistry for Children & Teens works in tandem with the hospital, so our little patients can get the treatment and attention they need from our dentists in a convenient, anxiety-free, accessible way.

And when a kid needs a complicated dental treatment, like wisdom teeth removal, we also offer a little help from the Sandman.

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We’ll fix their teeth
while they sleep!

Questions about sleep dentistry? Need to talk to one of our expert staff members? Then give us a ring!