Get to know Dentistry for Children & Teens

Dentistry for Children & Teens was founded in 2001, right here in Littleton, Colorado.

We based our practice on a simple premise— the belief that “every child deserves to SMILE!” We live and work by that mantra, creating healthy, confident smiles for the amazing kids we have the privilege for which to provide care.
Regardless of background, ability, previous experiences, or inclinations, we treat every patient as an individual, providing the highest quality of care.

Focusing on the Colorado Community

Dentistry for Children & Teens is a privately owned, specialty pediatric dentistry office that’s focused on doing things the right way. When you bring your children to our office, we want you to feel heard and cared about, and we want your kids to feel important and safe.

We aren’t corporate or one-size-fits-all. Instead, think of us like your favorite boutique or neighborhood restaurant. We focus on our Colorado community and the special people who make it so great! And we strive to create positive experiences that best serve the individual and earn your trust.

Our Dentists

Pediatric Dentists Who Love Kids and Know Teeth

The team of dentists here at Dentistry for Children & Teens has achieved board certification in pediatric dentistry, the highest achievable certification in our specialty.

The knowledge required to obtain board certification is both broad and deep, encompassing best practices for the care of both healthy children and those with special health-care needs.

We are specialists in childhood dental wellness and disease management, dental trauma, oral-facial growth and development, cosmetic dentistry, and hospital dentistry.

Oh, and we are moms too! We know what it takes to make our kids feel safe, and our team of experienced “Doctor Moms” can offer insight, perspective, empathy, guidance, and encouragement as both experts in our field and as parents just like you.

At Dentistry for Children & Teens, our focus is on education, prevention, and early interception of problems.  We know and understand that it’s easier to address small issues than to fix big ones.

By starting kids out with us very early in life, we get them on the right path for healthy habits and success in the dental office. That’s exactly why we offer our patients a free infant dental visit!

We believe in supporting families as soon as they start to care for those young smiles. Our philosophy of proactive dental care, supported by twice-yearly visits to our Littleton office, ensures that we are able to provide the best, most conservative care for our patients.

We want children to require as little dental treatment as possible. And when that care is needed, we want them to experience the most success and the least anxiety.

The staff here at Dentistry for Children & Teens will be your child’s tour guide on a journey to success and confidence with dental care.

Dentistry for Children & Teens is a joyful place where kids grow up smiling!

At DFC, we take pride in developing young patients with glowing grins and healthy habits, as well as in instilling great attitudes about dental care.

We promise to do everything in our power to ensure that all kids can SMILE!


Healthy Habits Promote Happy Mouths

Schedule a free infant oral health appointment for your child to get them started the right way when it comes to a healthy mouth.