Glossary of Silly Words

We Use to Make The Dentist More Fun

1. a small, focused, shimmering light source that’s used to examine sparkly teeth

Lily, I’m going to let you borrow these super cool sunglasses while I use this flashlight to look at your pretty smile.

1. a small, safe tool that is used for checking around little mouths and looks like a lollipop

Hey little buddy, I’m going to use this lollipop mirror to look inside your mouth. You try it first and then I’ll have a turn, okay?

1. a shiny, delicate dental tool that creates delightful music as it dances over teeth and explores for any problems or cavities

Ella, I’m going to play some silly music on your teeth. Listen carefully and see if you can guess what song I’m playing with my music maker.

1. a small, soft device that fits just right in little mouths and helps kids to stay open while we take care of their cavities

Grace, this silly, soft pillow will rest here on your teeth so that your mouth doesn’t get tired from being open.

1. a comfortable rubber clown nose that patients get to wear during dental treatments, as it helps us safely deliver laughing gas to make them super silly and relaxed
2. a silly mask that smells real good and comes in many yummy flavors, such as strawberry, chocolate, cupcake, and popcorn

Now that you’ve decided on your favorite flavor, you get to try on the silly nose. Oh cool, you look like an astronaut!

1. a colorful, bendy straw that sucks up spit and water

If you close your lips around this cool slurpee straw, it will drink up all the extra spit and flavors left in your mouth. It’s super easy; just give it a kiss!

1. a cool little dental tool that sprays air and water
2. what the dentist uses to rinse and dry teeth
3. can also be used to blow up balloons and have water gun fights!

Are you thirsty? I can give you a drink of water from the squirt gun! And after that, we can use it to blow up the cool balloon that you picked from the prize box!

1. sweet, delicious fluoride bubbles a dentist will apply to teeth at every checkup to help strengthen chompers and thrill taste buds

Have you ever had an ice cream sundae with whipped cream on top? Check out this whipped cream that we have to make your teeth shiny and strong!

1. silly gas that helps kids relax comfortably during dental treatments and produces common side effects like hilarious laughter and happiness

To make sure that you are relaxed and happy while we are helping you with your teeth today, you get to smell a yummy flavor of laughing gas. Do you want a banana, chocolate, or bubble gum?

1. funny, sticky goop that dentists use to glue on crowns, braces, retainers, etc.

Have you ever been camping? Do you like to roast marshmallows? Me too! Check out this marshmallow glue that I’m mixing up to stick your crown on.

1. a beautiful coating of safe dental material a dentist applies to repair cavities or seal teeth

This sparkly, white paint will protect your teeth from sugar bugs.

2. to restore or protect a tooth with a decorative coating

We can paint racecars or princesses on your teeth!

1. yummy tasting gel that’s applied to teeth and gums to make a mouth nice and numb, which results in comfortable dental treatments

By rubbing this silly, yummy sleepy jelly onto your teeth and gums, we’re going to put your teeth to sleep for your dental treatment. Once we are all done, this silly magic will go away (just like when the clock strikes midnight in Cinderella) and everything will be right back to normal.

1. a very important tool for keeping teeth clean and healthy, which boring people call floss
2. yummy flavored (usually bubble gum or mint), thin string that cleans in between little teeth

Wyatt, let me show you how to use this silly string to clean away the food and germs that can hide in between your teeth.

1. a whistley, wet, awesome toothbrush that carefully and painlessly removes sugar bugs from teeth

Austin, I’m going to use this splashy electric toothbrush to clean your teeth. Let me show you on your hand and then we will try it on your teeth.

1. a super cool turbo toothbrush that removes plaque and food from teeth
2. sounds like a race car
3. tickles like crazy

Mackensie, this tickly toothbrush will make your smile sparkle just like a princess’ smile! Princess Elsa comes to DFC too. Did you know that?!

1. a special area of our clinic where we magically fix cavities

Jack, today you get your own special room in the workshop. It’s kinda like Santa’s workshop. Only instead of making toys, we make sparkly smiles.

Give your little one a head start on good dental health.

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