Let’s get your child excited to go to the dentist.

Learn more about what to expect during your child’s first visit, and how to get them excited to be a patient of Dentistry for Children & Teens.

Children have different emotional and social needs than grown-ups, and they have different dental needs too.

At Dentistry for Children & Teens, we focus on and cater to children’s various, specific needs to create a dental experience that’s just right for kids.

When it comes to oral health, the first visit sets the stage for everything to come. We ensure your child’s future success and health by showing kids that this is a safe place and that we are here to support them all the way through childhood.

We know kids, and we know teeth.

Excited Child Going to the Dentist | Dentistry for Children & Teens | Littleton, Colorado

So we make sure we engage kids of all ages in a fun, interesting way that not only earns their trust and affection, but also makes them feel comfortable, safe, and genuinely excited to go to the dentist.

Fun prizes, silly stories, and a kid-friendly dental environment make sure everything and every interaction— from the waiting room to the dental chair— is engaging and enjoyable.

We make the dental experience palatable to the smaller peeps with our kid-friendly chairs, tools, x-rays, and flavors.


Tell, show, do is a technique that lets kids safely explore the things they will encounter at the dental office.
We have fun smelling, tasting, touching, and playing!
Teaching kids about all the tools and techniques they’ll encounter makes going to the dentist a lot less scary, and makes them feel confident from the moment they arrive.


Positive reinforcement empowers children to do great things.
“Wyatt, you are such a good listener. I bet you are good at lots of other things too. What kind of things are you really good at?”
See, some other things that kids really like is being acknowledged, respected, and called by name.
Oh, they also like to talk about themselves, so we do that a lot too!


Offering distractions like storytelling and singing also help kids to feel comfortable during dental appointments.
We are up-to-speed on all the hippest kids’ stuff, and make noble efforts at indulging the particular interests of each kiddo.


Here at Dentistry for Children & Teens, rewards are a must!
We believe in rewarding hard work and good behavior.
So we reward our patients’ efforts with awesome prizes at every visit.

Child Going to First Dentist Appointment | Dentistry for Children & Teens | Littleton, Colorado

About that first visit…What can you expect?

At your first visit with Dentistry for Children & Teens in Littleton, you and your child will be introduced to the office and our staff.

Once everyone is comfortable, an awesome, fun dental assistant will provide a thorough cleaning, a fluoride treatment, and perform age-appropriate x-rays.

Then, one of our experienced, gentle pediatric dentists will examine your child, assessing dental health along with growth and development. We will give you a full explanation of our findings and recommendations, and will discuss home care, proper diet, and our plans for guidance of bite and tooth alignment, as well as the next steps we recommend. We’ll highlight any treatments that may be needed, the best approach, how frequently your child will need to attend future check-ups, and things like that.

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How to Prepare Your Child for Their First Visit to the Dentist

cloud at Dentistry for Children & Teens

When it comes to raising happy, healthy kids, it really does take a village.

Our awesome staff, board-certified pediatric dentists, and kid-approved dental assistants will work with parents to get their kids accustomed to and happy with going to the dentist.

In preparation for your child’s first visit with DFC, you should really focus on and highlight how exciting this new experience will be!

The video tour and staff photos can help you to familiarize your little ones with who we are, what our office looks like, and what they’ll encounter during their first visit to Dentistry for Children & Teens.

Get them excited to come here!

Tell your kids that at Dentistry for Children & Teens, they’ll find fun toys, video games, movies, and prizes.  Make sure they know that this special, just-for-kids dentist office is a place where they will have fun and meet new friends.

You can also tell your little ones about all the cool, new things they’re going to learn about during their first trip to the dentist!

Walk them through the process by outlining how we’re going to teach them about healthy teeth, show them how to be a super brusher, and talk about making really good choices in their diets.  Let them know they will get a new toothbrush, plus super awesome prizes and stickers!

You don’t want your kid to grow up fearing the dentist, so our advice to you is to avoid any words that might make your child afraid. We recommend you avoid saying anything like “poke,” “hurt,” “drill,” or “pull,” even if you know they may need a dental treatment.

Because here at Dentistry for Children & Teens, kids have nothing to fear.

When our kid-friendly staff members talk to kids about how we’re going to help them with their teeth, we use a modified, special language that’s tailored just to them. We use words like “wiggle” and “splashy electric toothbrush,” so they’re confident and comfortable.

Basically, we will handle the tough stuff.  Your job is to just get them ready to have some fun!

Our pediatric dentists are here to help your little one have healthy teeth and a happy mouth.

Check our our resources to help prepare your child for their first visit to the dentist.

Your Guide to the First Visit
Glossary of Silly Words We Use to Make the Dentist More Fun
Tour Our Office
Meet the Team
Let’s get them off to a great start.

Schedule your child’s first visit appointment with Dentistry for Children & Teens today!

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