Dental disaster?
Don’t Worry!

Dentistry for Children & Teens’s emergency dental services are here for you.

Knock on George Washington’s wooden teeth that you won’t experience a dental emergency! But, if you do, the expert doctors here at Dentistry for Children & Teens are here to help 24/7.
For everything from toothaches to dental trauma, we’re here around-the-clock to help take care of your child’s dental needs.
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If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, you can immediately reach us by calling (303) 798-4400
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What should I do during a dental emergency?


Emergencies of any kind can be scary. That’s why our team of pediatric dentists and pediatric dental assistants are well-versed in how to handle a dental emergency, and we have the tools, expertise, and resources to take care of your child if he’s having a dental emergency.

If your child has injured a permanent tooth, find the parts that are no longer connected and put them immediately into a glass of milk. If you can’t find milk, water will do.

This type of injury is URGENT! So make sure you call us as soon as possible if your child has broken or injured one of their adult teeth.

If your child has injured a baby tooth, take a moment to first calm your child, and then call us for advice. We’ll walk you through how you should handle a baby tooth dental emergency, and if the matter is serious, we’ll take care of it right away, 24/7.

If your emergency is not related to trauma, just give us a call for advice on how to handle things.

We save time in our schedule every day to help kids who need us.
And in the evenings and on the weekends, we are still just a call away at (303) 798 – 4400.

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Every kid deserves to smile.

Make an appointment with the kid-friendly doctors here at DFC so we can make sure your child’s smile is big, healthy and bright!