Our Dental Diagnostics are designed just for your kid.

Our team of expert, board-certified pediatric dentists really knows their stuff.

And they know and understand the importance of identifying problems early on. The earlier our dentists are able to peek into your child’s mouth, the sooner they can identify any problems and provide you with a simpler solution.

At every visit, we check teeth, gums, bite, and spacing very carefully. We look inside, outside, and all around.

And because we care, we use smaller, safer x-rays, tinier tools, and kid-friendly terms to keep your little one comfortable and totally at-ease while we check on those little chompers.

Kids have fun with diagnostics at Dentistry for Children & Teens

Kids love getting to see a smiling skeleton when we perform a panoramic x-ray, an easy process that lets us evaluate the position and development of teeth.

And they laugh at our funny music maker, or what adults know as a dental explorer, as we dance over their tiny teeth checking for problems.

At DFC we make dental diagnostic treatments beneficial and fun. Think of us as really silly, really smart dental detectives.

Give ’em a test they’ll look forward to.

Your kid will be jumping for joy to come to our dental office! Because at DFC, diagnostic dental tests are silly, fun, and keep them healthy.