Kids have fun and get the treatment they need with dental treatments from DFC.

With our preventive dentistry treatments, we do our best to prevent any oral health problems from happening. But unfortunately, cavities happen and toothaches transpire. And that’s exactly why we’re here!

To fix and fill cavities in a way that puts your little one at ease, so she isn’t scared of going to the dentist!

At Dentistry for Children & Teens, we’ll keep your children happy with ouch-free dental treatments that make their mouths healthy and help them to feel better right away.

Dental Treatments

Cavities? No problem.

At DFC, our pediatric dentists fix and fill those pesky cavities safely and comfortably.

Due to our dedication to the best, we use strong, durable, biocompatible cosmetic fillings, which are white, so they blend right in!

When it comes to fixing cavities and eradicating those “mouth monsters,” we do it carefully and gently.

Even when teeth are too severely damaged, by tooth decay or fracture, to repair with a filling, our highly skilled kids’ dentists will fix things right up.

We utilize beautiful, white zirconia crowns to restore broken down teeth to as good as new.

We know how to make those ouchy mouths turn into pain-free smiles.

Leave it to our team of experienced, kid-focused dentists. These docs are experts in a variety of safe and effective nerve treatments, designed just for children.

Dentistry for Children & Teens offers pain-free dental treatments to make your little one’s mouth healthy without a worry.
Our dental treatments include:

We give kids a beautiful smile they want to show off. With our expert cosmetic dentistry treatments, broken or discolored teeth can be beautifully restored.

With treatments like bonding and veneers, we provide simple, attractive solutions to unsightly cosmetic dental problems.

If infection, trauma, or crowding create the need for tooth removal, we’re like magicians.

We can typically get a tooth from a little mouth to the tooth fairy’s treasure chest without a single tear.


And at DFC, we believe in this magic formula:

Love + Laughing Gas = Success.

This equation holds true for most kids in our office.

Laughing gas, or nitrous oxide, is a safe, yummy smelling treatment that is continuously inhaled and easily metabolized. This silly gas decreases anxiety and comes with common side effects of super silliness and laughter.

Treat those teeth the way they should be treated.

When your little one needs a dental treatment, there’s no better place than Dentistry for Children & Teens. Make an appointment today!